Poster Presentations - list

Poster Presentations - list



The Poster Presentation session will take place on Sat., March 4 from 15:45 till 18:00.

  • Posters are to be mounted on Fri., March 3, from 11:00 till 15:30 (preferably as early as possible).

  • Posters must be manned during the Poster Presentation Session.

    • Posters should be dismounted on Sat., March 5, after the scientific program concludes at 15:30. The organizers are not responsible for posters that are not dismounted.





Microparticles cause preeclampsia and embryonic growth restriction by platelet-mediated inflammasome activation in the embryonic trophoblast

S. Kohli, M. M. Al-Dabet, S. Ranjan, F. Bock, K. Shahzad, A. Aharon, B. Brenner and B. Isermann



p45-NF-E2 regulates syncytiotrop formation in human placenta by modulation GCM-1 post translational modifications

S. Kohli, J. Hoffman, M. M. Al-Dabet, K. Shahzad, A. Aharon, B. Brenner and B. Isermann



Association between venous thromboembolism and assisted reproductive technologies: Data from the RIETE Registry

P. Di Micco, A. Blanco Molina, D. Colaizzo, A. Fontanella, M. Amitrano, F. Dentali, E. Grandone M. Monreal for the RIETE Investigators



Age-related risk of venous thromboembolism in women with antithrombin deficiency

A.L. Marshall, J. Perez Botero, D.J. Crusan, T.M. Petterson, J.C. Guenther3, A.V. Chintakuntlawar, R.K. Pruthi, A.A. Ashrani, MS, J.A. Heit, and M.S. Patnaik



Venous thromboembolism risk in pregnant women with antithrombin deficiency

A.L. Marshall, J.Perez Botero, D.J. Crusan, T.M. Petterson, J.C. Guenther, A.V. Chintakuntlawar, R.K. Pruthi, A.A. Ashrani, J.A. Heit and M.S. Patnaik



Composition of Soluble Fibrin Monomer Complex in Plasma of Patients with Ischemic Stroke

N. Shabanova, T. Katrii, O. Savchuk



Prolonged low-molecular-weight heparin use during pregnancy and subsequent bone mineral density

P. Galambosi, V. Hiilesmaa, V.-M. Ulander, L. Laitinen, Prof A. Tiitinen, Prof R. Kaaja



Intra-abdominal hypertension syndrome in the genesis of the trombotic microangiopathy in pregnant women with pre-eclampsia

E.M. Shifman, D.V. Marshalov, I.A. Salov, A.P. Petrenko, A.V. Kulikov



Is obesity a risk factor for massive postpartum hemorrhage?

E.M. Shifman, D.V. Marshalov, I.A. Salov, A.V. Kulikov



Compress utilization as an objective marker to identify the fall of haemoglobin in vaginal deliveries

J. Tardif, R. Winikoff, C. Taillefer, M. David, D. Francoeur



TRAnexamic acid to reduce blood loss in hemorrhagic cesarean delivery: Therapeutic and pharmaco-biological dose-ranging multicenter randomized double blind placebo controlled study: TRACES trial methodology

AS. Ducloy-Bouthors, E. Jeanpierre, B. Hennart, AS. Baptiste, S. Giovannoni, I. Saidi, E. Simon, D. Lannoy, D. Allorge, A. Duhamel, S. Susen



Thrombin and plasmin generation as measured by a single well technique during haemorrhagic and non-hemorrhagic caesarean section: pilot study

AS. Ducloy-Bouthors, E. Jeanpierre, B. Hennart, AS. Baptiste, S. Giovannoni, I. Saidi, E. Simon, D. Lannoy, D. Allorge, A. Duhamel, S. Susen



Thrombin- plasmin generation in a well innovative method development: Effect of tranexamic acid concentration in vitro

AS. Ducloy-Bouthors, E. Jeanpierre, B. Hennart, AS. Baptiste, S. Giovannoni, I. Saidi, E. Simon, D. Lannoy, D. Allorge, A. Duhamel, S. Susen



Anything but typical: Recognising postpartum atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome

R. Eslick, P. Motum, AM. Watson, D. Hsu



Association of FOXD1 variants with pregnancy failures in mice and humans

P. Laissue, B. Lakhal, M. Vatin, F. Batista, G. Burgio, E. Dos Santos, C. Buffat, AC. Sierra-Diaz, G. Renault, X. Montagutelli, J. Salmon, P. Monget, RA. Veitia, C. Méhats, M. Fellous, J. Cocquet, D. Vaiman and JC. Gris, The Collaborative Group on Precision Medicine in Pregnancy-related Diseases



Risk factors of stroke and venous thromboembolism in association with combined oral contraceptives use

P. Dulíček; E. Ivanová; P. Sadílek; M. Beránek



High prevalence of mental disorders among patients with inherited protein S deficiency: A case report series

S. Hoirisch-Clapauch, A.E. Nardi



Amniotic fluid embolism presenting in the second and third trimester and subsequent pregnancy outcome

T. Cahan, M.D., H. De Castro, M.D., A. Kalter, M.D., M.J. Simchen, M.D.



Fetal and maternal morbidity associated with late preterm delivery due to preeclampsia

B. zion Shachar, M. Zadok, S. Mazaki-Tovi, M. Simchen



Effects of chemotherapy administration on thrombogenicity and angiogenic properties of extracellular vesicles obtained from breast cancer patients

A. Aharon, A. Rebibo-Sabbah, G. Barsela, D. Loven, S. Nusboum, H. Berkovich, B. Brenner



Artemis Study: Diagnostic management of symptomatic pulmonary embolism in pregnant patients

L.M. van der Pol, T. van der Hulle, C. Tromeur, F. Couturaud, A.T.A. Mairuhu, F.A. Klok, M.V. Huisman



Great discrepancies in the management of placental-mediated complications and thromboprophylaxis during pregnancy in the routine clinical practice; Results from the TEAM Project

A. Santamaría, E. Marti , A. Redondo Izal, I. de Diego, A. Rodriguez Huerta, P. Llamas, J. Rodríguez-Martorell, T. Canals , O. Martínez, M. Casellas, I.M. Ramírez, M.J. Gutiérrez-Pimentel, D. Tássies on behalf of the TEAM Project (Trombosis en el Ámbito de la Mujer) Investigators of the Spanish Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (SETH); Spain



The role of Thrombophilia Tests as part of the work-up study in Women with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL)in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Unit

T. Canals, J. Herrero, P. Olivera, E. Johannsson, V. Pons, F. Bosch, A. Santamaria



Direct oral anticoagulation (DOACs) in women with active cancer and atrial fibrillation (AF): A good example of personalised anticoagulation

A. Varela-Magallon, E. Johansson, P. Olivera, T. Canals, V. Pons, F. Bosch, A. Santamaria



Evaluation of haemostatic disorders in adolescent girls

V. Pons, P. Olivera, T. Canals, E. Johansson, N. Vallejos, A. Varela, M. Constans, V. Cortina, F. Bosch, A. Santamaria



The prevalence of concomitant prothrombotic risk factors in women with thrombosis related to hormonal treatment (HT)

M. Ramirez Isabel, M. Quesada, M. Peinado, A. Santamaría on behalf of the TEAM Project from the SETH, Spain



Management of pregnant patients with beta thalassemia trait

L. Bevis, E. Burton, Q. Hill, E. Ciantar



Audit on the management of pregnant patients with heritable thrombophilias

L. Brooke, P. Peries Suriapperuma, E. Ciantar



Aplastic Anaemia (AA) with paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH) complicated by severe early onset pre-eclampsia - The complexities and challenges of management

S. Kakara, E. Ciantar



Venous thromboembolism (VTE) in patients with anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-associated vasculitis (AAV) - underlying prothrombotic condition in active disease?

A. Antovic, E. Svensson, O. Börjesson, A. Bruchfeld, I. Gunnarsson



A suspected torn soleus muscle as presenting manifestation of acquired haemophilia A: a diagnostic pitfall

Y. Van der Beken, C. Orlando, K. Fostier, K. Jochmans



Noninvasive prenatal detection of int22h-related inversions and point mutations in maternal plasma of hemophilia carriers by single molecule counting strategies

R. Kadir, J. Davies, B. Jradeh, K. Gomez, D. Pollard, I. Hudecova, P. Jiang, R. Chiu, D. Lo



Use of D-Dimers in the investigation of suspected venous thromboembolism in pregnancy

E. Millen, S. Pavord



Multiple impedance aggregometry (Multiplate®) in healthy women during normal pregnancy – a prospective and longitudinal study

L. Blomqvist, A. Strandell, F. Baghaei, M. Hellgren



May-Thurner syndrome and pregnancy

A. Kovač, M. Kozak



Lipoprotein (A) as a risk factor for recurrent miscarriage and the effect of low-molecular-weight heparin: An analysis of the ETHIG II trial

E. Schleussner, G. Kamin, S. Seeger and D. Petroff on behalf of the ETHIGII study group



Progesterone supplementation for preventing recurrent miscarriage - A secondary analysis of the ETHIG II trial

G. Seliger, G. Kamin, N. Rogenhofer, S. Ebner, B. Toth, M. Schenk, M. Henes, M. K. Bohlmann, T. Fischer, D. Petroff and E. Schleussner on behalf of the ETHIGII study group



Women’s self-reported experience on LMWH injections for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis during port-partum

E. Le Moigne, B. Pan-Petesch, C. Tromeur, C. Tremouilhac, M. Jacquot, G. Drugmanne, S. Jolas, Z. Alavi, K. Lacut, D. Mottier



Evaluation of bleeding complications in postpartum women receiving therapeutic anticoagulation

G. Côté-Poirier, N. Bettache, M. Mahone, F. Morin, AM. Côté, YA. Bureau, N. Sauvé



Novel management of ITP resistant to IVIG and steriods

J. Byrne, V. O’Dwyer, K. Murphy



Long-term follow-up of laboratory markers and clinical and obstetric morbidity of women with obstetric antiphospholipid syndrome (OAPS)

C.E. Casali Congs, M. Garate Gonzalo, M. Zerga, A. Vicente Reparaz, C. Mahuad, F. Aizpurúa, M. Clavijo, A. Ventura



Planning the APPLE (AntiPhosPholipid syndrome Low-molecular-weight heparin pregnancy loss Evaluation) Clinical trial: An international survey of physicians

L. Skeith, T.S. Taylor, S.M. Bates, R.M. Silver, M.A. Rodger



Genes polymorphism FV leiden G1691A, FII G20210A, MTHFR C677T and PAI-1 5G/4G in patients with miscarriages and inherited thrombophilia - Experience from our clinic

G.M. Šošić, S. Sretenović, M. Varjačić



Thrombophilia: Women-specific reference ranges are needed to prevent overdiagnosis

C.S.B. Veen, M.J.H.A. Kruip, S. van Asten, W. Visser, M.P.M. de Maat



Dead fetus syndrome (DFS) in a high risk twin pregnancy – is laboratory testing for DIC useful?

F. Bergmann, A. Czwalinna, H. Groening, R. Schwerdtfeger, R. Schild and U. Budde



Circulating microparticles in pregnant patients with primary antiphospholipid antibody syndrome

E. Campello, C. M. Radu, M. Tonello, A. Kuzenko, C. Bulato, E. Mattia, L. Spiezia, A. Ruffatti, P. Simioni



Circulating microparticles in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: Preliminary results

E. Campello, R. Mioni, A. Dalla Cà, L. Spiezia, S. Maggiolo, C.M. Radu, C. Bulato, P. Simioni



Women who experience thrombosis after commencing hormone replacement therapy are not inherently prothrombotic - A case control study from the wisdom trial

C.N Bagot, E. Leishman, G.O D Lowe, M. Woodward, P. McCallum



Prevalence and presentation of antiphophospholipid syndrome in a tertiary obstetric unit over 11 years

WH. Tam, LW. Law, NCN. Chan



Safety and efficacy of LMWH in high risk pregnancy setting; A retrospective polycentric study of 818 pregnancies in Greece

E. Papadakis, Α. Aktipi, G. Αnagnostou, P. Kotsi, A. Fifa, A. Christoforidou, E. Grouzi



Thrombosis lymphoma score performance in female population

D. Antic, N. Milic, S. Nikolovski, M. Todorovic, J. Bila, P. Djurdjevic, B. Andjelic, V. Djurasinovic, A. Sretenovic, V. Vukovic, J. Jelicic, B. Mihaljevic



Mild-to-moderate bleeding tendency of unknown cause is common in women and might be caused by increased fibrinolysis

J. Gebhart, S. Kepa, S. Hofer, S. Koder, A. Kaider, A.S. Wolberg, H. Haslacher, P. Quehenberger, E. Eigenbauer, S. Panzer, C. Mannhalter, I. Pabinger



Establishing reference ranges for coagulation parameters during pregnancy

S. Halimeh, G. Kappert, H. Rott, M. Siebert



Analysis of thrombotic risk factors in caesarean sections in Vall d´Hebron population and comparison between Royal College´s recommendations and Chest´s ones

E. Bonacina, M. Casellas Caro, M.H. Tur Torres, B. Serrano Sanchez, E. Carreras Moratonas



Severe ITP on a term pregnancy: Case report

B. Díaz Rabasa, Laborda Gotor, MP. Rabasa Baraibar, A. Pallarés, M. Benito Vielba, JM. Campillos Maza



High thrombotic risk in a pregnant woman with an antithrombin deficiency; Management and outcome

A. Esteban Figuerola, A. Martínez Roca, M. Solà Fernández, A. Culebras, Mª Reyes



AnticoagObs: An application for antenatal and postpartum risk assessment and prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism

A.C. Lou Mercade, R. Saviron Cornudella, R. Cornudella Lacasa



Antiphospholipid antibodies and M2 haplotype in Annexin A5 gene: possible relationship and clinical impact on feto-maternal outcome

M. Villani, E. Chinni, G.L. Tiscia, F. Cappucci, L. Fischetti, M. Margaglione, E. Grandone



Venous thromboembolism in unsuccessful cycles after Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

M. Villani, D. Colaizzo, F. Cappucci, P. Totaro, G. Favuzzi, M. Margaglione, E. Grandone



OTTILIA and FIRST: two International Registries of foeto-maternal prognosis in women with recurrent reproductive failures after spontaneous or assisted conception

M. Villani, G. Larciprete, M. Kovac, I. Martinelli, E. Tamborini Permunian, R. Cacciola, G. Lo Pinto, E. Bucherini, V. De Stefano, C. Lodigiani, T. Bartolotti, P. Totaro, D. Carone, D. Baldini, J-C. Gris, B. Brenner, M. Monreal, E. Grandone



Recurrent miscarriage predictive capacity using an algorithm with new genetic variants associated with thrombophilia (Thrombo inCode - recurrent miscarriage, TiC-RM)

J. Bellver, P. Alamá, V.Hugo Gómez, S. Cabanillas, C. Díaz, K. Guillén, S. Pich, I. Ortega, E. Salas



Recurrent implantation failure predictive capacity using an algorithm with new genetic variants associated with thrombophilia (Thrombo inCode - Implantation Failure, TiC-IF)

J. Bellver, P. Alamá, V. Hugo Gómez, S. Cabanillas, C. Díaz, K. Guillén, S. Pich, I.Ortega, E. Salas



Awareness of venous thromboembolism in patients with cancer: Does the gender matter?

B. Nicolau, M. García-Morillo, K. Stefi Cortes, C. Calderon, P. Gascon, C. Suarez, L. Jara Palomares, E. Colomé, J. Manzaneda, P. Fernandez-Ortega, R. Otero, M. Monreal, C. Font



Measures of Thrombodynamics test and fibrin monomer level in pregnant women with complicated obstetric history

J. Zvezdina; N. Vorobyeva



Changes in thrombin activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) in normal pregnancy and its role in pre-eclampsia (PET)

F.Y. Huq, R.A. Kadir, A. Riddell, B. Whitlow



The clinical presentations and management of Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome (HPS) in the obstetrics and gynaecology setting - A systemic review

D. Obeng-Tuudah, K. Gomez, R. Abdul-Kadir



The obstetric management and outcome in carriers of haemophilia

A. Bachi, J. Davies, D. Pollard, T. Thynn Yee, R. A Kadir



APS and pregnancy: Is history of stillbirth associated with worse obstetric outcomes?

M. Gerde, R. Alvarez, C. Heer, J. Ortega, R. Fregonese, F. Turri, G. Di Nucci, H. Beccar Varela, J. Faisal, J. Balparda, E. Diaz Verdecchia, S. Malone, T. De Marco, S. Minces Rizo, P. Pierro, M. Iglesias, E. Beruti



Bernard Soulier syndrome in pregnancy and delivery – a case report

U. Scholz, M. Krause, I. Niemann, I. Bogner, A. Siegemund, K. Liebscher



The microparticle proteome in IVF - changes during the OESTROGEN surge of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation

N. Olausson, P. Henriksson, R. Zubarev, O. Hovatta, E. Westerlund, H. Wallen, F. Mobarrez



Neuraxial anesthesia in pregnant women using thrombosis prophylaxis: Data from the Highlow study

I. Bistervels, A. Buchmüller, S. Bleker, C. Chauleur, F. Ní Aínle, J. Donnelly, P. Verhamme, A. Flem Jacobsen, H. Décousus, S. Middeldorp, for the Highlow investigators



Bleeding and the direct oral anticoagulants (DOACS) in the < 55 year group

B. Myers, M. Willcocks



A case of Klippel Trenaunay syndrome (KTS) in pregnancy

B. Myers, J. Tam, F. Siddiqui



Perinatal venous thromboembolism state based prevention strategy: Midwifery risk assessment tool

A. Goodfellow, S. Heath, L. George, N. Muscillo, J. Curnow, J. Morris, M. Nicholl



Venous thromboembolism risk assessment in women is improved by the use of multilocus genetic risk scores

M. Farm, A. Ågersten, L. Onelöw, S. Pich, K. Guillen, O. Casagran, A.L. Ferro, I.Ortega, E. Salas, J. Antovic



A successful pregnancy in a woman with late-onset combined homocystinuria and methylmalonic aciduria

E. Grandone, G. Vecchione, G.M. Maruotti, M. Villani, A. Leccese, R. Santacroce, G. Corso, P. Martinelli, M. Margaglione



Risk of recurrence of venous thromboembolism in patients with gynaecological cancer

Z. Marchocki, F. Abu Saadeh, N. Gleeson, L. Norris



Pregnancy and venous thromboembolism: A case series analysis of clinical presentation, diagnosis, thrombophilia, treatment and outcome

M.A. Alsheef, A.M. Alabbad, R.A. Albassam, R.M. Alarfaj



Ovarian Vein Thrombosis Case Series Review at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

M. Al Sheef, A. Altamimi, A. Alfayez, M. Alosaimi, A. Mashi



The clinical significance of the study of the hemostatic system in the planning of pregnancies in women taking hormonal contraceptives for a long time

N. Khamani, V. Bitsadze, D. Kapanadze



Pregnancy in women with history of ischemic stroke and thrombophilia

A. Makatsariya, S. Akinshina, V. Bitsadze, N. Khamani, V. Nemirovsky



Pregnancy after venous thromboembolic complications

S. Akinshina, V. Bitsadze, L. Radetskaya, M. Kiriya, V. Nemirovsky, A. Makatsariya



Catastrophic Antiphospholipid syndrome and pregnancy - A clinical case

D. Khizroeva, V. Bitsadze, A. Makatsariya



Antiphospholipid antibodies in women with history of severe preeclampsia

D. Khizroeva, N. Stuleva, I. Khamani, N. Zakharova, E. Zhuravleva



Clinical value of antiphospholipid antibodies assessment in women undergoing IVF with history of IVF failure

D. Khizroeva, N. Stuleva, N. Makatsariya, N. Khamani



Personalized antithrombotic prophylaxis in patients with homozygous forms of factor V leiden and prothrombin G20210A mutations and multigenic and combined form of thrombophilia and/or aps

A. Makatsariya, V. Bitsadze, N. Stuleva, D. Khizroeva, I. Khamani



Fetal loss syndrome, genetic hypofibrinolysis and pro-inflammatory status in women with metabolic syndrome

T. Pshenichnikova, E. Perederyaeva, V. Bitsadze, A. Makatsariya



The clinical significance of determining the activity and inhibitor of ADAMTS-13 in the management of pregnant women with severe preeclampsia and thrombotic microangiopathy history

A. Makatsariya, V. Bitsadze, D. Khizroeva



LMWH and micronized progesterone in prophylaxis pre-eclampsia in patients with thrombophilia and pre-eclampsia in anamnesis

E.V. Zhuravleva, V.O. Bitsadze, A.D. Makatsariya



Influence of genetic polymorphism on antithrombin III while taking combined oral contraceptives

N.A. Vorobyeva, D.R.Gamyrkina



The use of intravenous immunoglobulin in apa-positive women undergoing in vitro fertilization

M.I. Krivonos, M.S. Zainulina, S.V. Chepanov, D.I. Sokolov, S.A. Selkov


Immunomodulatory effect of intravenous immunoglobin in women with Antiphospholipid syndrome and recurrent miscarriage

A.A. Chugunova, M.S. Zainulina, S.A. Selkov, S.V. Chepanov, A.V. Selutin, M.I. Krivonos


3 cases of heparin-resistant deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during pregnancy due to hereditary antithrombin (AT) deficiency

T. Kirsanova, M. Vinogradova, N. Klimenchenko



Pregnancy-associated atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (P-AHUS): Our experience

T. Kirsanova, M. Vinogradova



Laboratory features of Hellp and pregnancy-associated atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (P-AHUS): HELLP- A link to aHUs

T. Kirsanova, M. Vinogradova



Pregnancy-associated thrombotic microangiopathies (Pa-TMA): features of intrarenal blood flow (IBF) in severe preeclampsia (PE), HELLP-syndrome and pregnancy-associated atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (P-AHUS)

T. Kirsanova, M. Vinogradova



HELLP-Syndrome and severe preeclampsia (PE): Clinical and laboratory features

T. Kirsanova, M. Vinogradova, A. Koluvanova, T. Fedorova



LMWH as drugs of choice as anticoagulant therapy in cancer patients

A.V. Vorobev, I.V. Khamani, A.G. Solopova



Rare localizations thrombosis in cancer patients

A.V. Vorobev, A.D. Makatsaria, d.K. Khizroeva, V.O. Bitsadze



Clinical importance of vascular wall antithrombotic activity disorder detection in the course of hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) and its pharmacological correction

S. Ermoshina, N. Khamani, V. Bitsadze